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Training Options

My options

Individual training
I undertake individual cycle training in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. Normally I train adults, but will sometimes train individual children. I do not train groups of children. Please contact me for further information and charges.

Employer and group-based training
I give basic training 'samplers' (if necessary in conjunction with others) on contract to employers and group organisers. These usually involve a group classroom presentation followed by individual on-road sessions of one hour each to assess how each participant cycles and to give personal advice on how best to improve their cycling technique.

I am also available to give stand-alone presentations on cycling skills and technique to audiences of any kind or size.

I am happy to give training 'samplers' and presentations at any location in the UK, subject to the agreement of an appropriate fee (sometimes waived) and reimbursement of travelling costs. Please contact me to discuss.

National options

If I cannot train you personally, then there are plenty of other instructors who can, but make sure that the person you choose is fully accredited to teach to the National Cycle Training Standards.

Cycle training in the UK is coordinated by national cycling organisation CTC, who host the National Cycle Training Help Desk to handle enquiries about training and to put people in touch with accredited trainers in their area.

To contact the Help Desk:

A current list of accredited instructors may be found here.

The CTC Help Desk can also give you information about more specialised forms of cycle training, such as for mountain biking or cycle sport.


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