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Why take a training course?

Some people have never learnt to cycle, but would like to do so. Other people have cycled, but perhaps not recently or they do not feel confident cycling in today's traffic conditions. Then there are those who can cycle reasonably well, but who would like to extend their abilities to deal with the more complex traffic situations.

For all these people, cycle training can be beneficial.

For adults, cycle training is usually undertaken on a one-to-one basis whereas for children group classes can be more effective. In all cases training is tailored to the specific needs and current capabilities of the person being trained. You will be asked what you wish to achieve, and the instructor will assist you to make the necessary progress.

Age and fitness are not barriers (although people with health problems and disabilities should consult their doctor first). Many people are starting to cycle in their 50s and discovering new horizons through cycle training!

And if you haven't yet got a bike, the training instructor may be able to locate one that you can borrow and will be pleased to give advice on buying a bike, either new or second-hand. Indeed, any advice you require about cycling is available for the asking.

However, be sure to take training to the National Cycle Training Standard, through an instructor accredited to the Standard.

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