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The Association of Bikeability Schemes

Thousands of people, young and old, across the UK now enjoy the benefits of cycling, having taken to two wheels since completing their on-road Bikeability cycle training course. Bikeability teaches cyclists how to manage risk in their interactions with other road users, giving them the skills and confidence to ride more often, further and more safely.

The techniques taught by the growing community of cycle trainers are based on the work of John Franklin and his seminal work Cyclecraft. The National Standard for Cycle Training or Bikeability contains a set of riding outcomes that help cyclists control their bikes and claim their place and space on the road. Cyclecraft is the respected source of reference for Bikeability and is invaluable to anyone who wishes to ride a bike efficiently and comfortably or teach others to do so.

Each edition of Cyclecraft has included and informed the ongoing development of Bikeability. The book has inspired a generation of people to take up cycling in the UK and beyond. Cyclecraft has contributed to the current cycling revival across the country which is benefiting individuals and the whole of society.

David Dansky
The Association of Bikeability Schemes



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