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Service Options

Cycle Audit and Cycle Review are always tailored to the specific requirements of the client and location.

Below are some of the options.


Cycle Audit

Full scheme Audit

Cycle Audit is carried out in stages during the development of a scheme. Appropriate stages for audit are: design brief, preliminary design, detailed design, substantial completion. The auditor works closely with the scheme designer.

Single-stage Audit

Suitable for smaller schemes. Cycle Audit is carried out as a one-off process.

Cycle Review

Abbreviated Review

An on-site Cycle Review is carried out over one or a few days to assess the general impact of the existing highway environment on cyclists. Recommendations are made on the general strategy to be adopted to improve conditions and encourage cycling.

Detailed Review

A full Cycle Review is carried out for an area or route, with a detailed assessment of conditions section by section. Recommendations are specific to individual locations.


A presentation will explain the needs of cyclists and how these are influenced by infrastructure and traffic management. Cross-reference is made to the new cycle training standards and the consequences for infrastructure design if it is to be compatible with training initiatives.


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