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What's involved?

Cycle Audit will start with an on-site evaluation of present conditions for cyclists in the scheme area, but is subsequently office-based, through the examination of plans, reports and other data, until the scheme is implemented when another on-site assessment should be made.

Cycle Review is carried out predominantly on-site by bicycle, analysing conditions, undertaking measurements and observing the interaction between cyclists and other road users. A quantified assessment of conditions for cycling is drawn up, from which recommendations are made that themselves are assessed on-site.

Both Cycle Audit and Cycle Review take account of the following criteria, as appropriate for each location:

Motor vehicle parking Road and lane widths Pleasantness of the cycling environment
Proportion of large vehicles Traffic speed and volume Surface quality
Driver and cyclist behaviour Cycle facilities Cycle parking
Casualty record

Routes are assessed from the point of view of the three categories of cyclists as defined for the National Cycle Training Standard:

Level I Lacks basic skills (balance, steering, looking behind, signalling, simple turns)
Level II Has basic skills but not competent in complex traffic conditions
Level III Competent in most traffic conditions

In all cases a detailed report is produced, with full analysis and recommendations.


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